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The fact of the matter is, style takes more than finding a pair of jeans that fits right (although a well-fit pair of jeans is SO rewarding). When you look good, you feel good, but many people do not naturally know the “correct” way to put together an outfit, leaving them at risk of not feeling 100% in their own skin. With 12 years of industry experience, I can say first-hand that styling can get expensive, making people feel like there are no affordable, attainable solutions to their fashion woes.

Well, that right there my friend, is why I founded The Styell’d Co.

Personal Stylist and Closet Consultant


Welcome to The Styell’d Co! I’m Erica, founder and head stylist, and I cannot wait to share with you the power of a well-calculated outfit. 


Born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, I’ve mastered the balance of comfort, style, and affordability and swear by outfits that easily transition from a day at the office, to dinner in Center City, to a loungey game night with friends. When I am not interacting with clients, or frequenting my favorite shopping spots (Marshall’s is my kryptonite), you’ll find me hanging with my fiance (Shane) or creating content for my fashion and lifestyle blog, @simplyellstyle. 


My passion for clothing was ingrained in me as early as eight years old, but how I could cultivate that passion to help others really did not come to a head until my mid-20’s. I kept hearing friends, coworkers, and strangers in everyday encounters talk about how stressful shopping was for them, or how creating a look that made them feel confident was such a task. I was surprised! How can something so exciting and innate to me be a complete burden to someone else? I have always found clothing to be a source of empowerment, confidence and expression, so to hear how others were struggling with it was eye-opening.

*Light Bulb* 

That’s when I realized I could make a difference. I began offering my expertise to people around me and was overwhelmed by the positive response and outcomes. Having worked with a number of brands such as LOFT, Stile, Per Lei, HelloBody, Lisi Lerch, True&Co., and more, and having styled countless beautiful and satisfied clients, I finally decided to fuse my love for helping others and my passion for styling to create a seamless, one-stop resource for women of all ages. I  feel beyond blessed to now combine my natural passion and experience in styling with my degree in business and entrepreneurship, to officially launch the Styell’d Co. 

Thank you for your support; I cannot wait to go on this journey with you!



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