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1. Save Time – By hiring a stylist, you can say goodbye to the wasted time staring into your closet, not knowing what to wear. After working together, you can look forward to countless, ready-to-wear looks that showcase your personal style. 

2. Save Money – Who wants to spend more, when there is an opportunity to spend less! A stylist’s job is not to tell you what you need, but work with what you have, which in turn leads to less frivolous spending, and long-term saving!

3. Learn to Dress for your Body – Whether you are petite, tall, athletic, or curvy, there are ways to accentuate that gorgeous body. A stylist can help you identify your favorite assets, celebrate them, and style them to perfection.

4. Cultivate Your Personal Style – It’s easy to identify looks that represent you on Pinterest or the internet, but it’s another thing to bring those looks to life, and make them your own. A stylist can help you do just that, by identifying the style you are after, and helping you obtain it.

5. Shop Affordably and Sustainably – While the goal is to initially work with the clothing and items you already have, a stylist can assist you in making smarter, more affordable purchases that are better for you, your bank account, and the environment!

6. No Stress Travel – No need to stress over that up-coming trip or vacation, because your stylist has got you covered. A stylist is not only going to assist you in packing your things purposefully and efficiently; but you can also look forward to having your vacay-ready looks hand-selected and planned for the duration of your trip. 

7. Last Minute Looks – Just got invited to an event or big meeting at the 11th hour, and now feeling unprepared on what to wear? A stylist can save you the hassle of worrying and nervous-buying, and assist in curating a look that is perfect for those things that pop up on your calendar. 

8. Objective & Honest Opinions – To put it bluntly – a stylist’s job it to keep it very real, while making styling fun and enjoyable. That being said, having a stylist is a great way to ensure you are getting honest feedback on the items in your closet, the looks you want to create, and the style you are trying to achieve. 

9. Caters to Any/All Phases of Your Life – Whether you are a recent grad, a new mom, a CFO, and/or one of the many new work-from-home-ers, a stylists can help you navigate your personal style, no matter the phase or season your life is in.  

10. Because what better thing to invest in than YOURSELF. – While it may seem like a stylist’s focus is on the clothes; the true focus is YOU, and making sure that both your inner and outer beauty are shining through. 

Think hiring on a personal stylist is the right fit for you? Or maybe you still have some questions. Well, let’s chat!

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